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Booklists 22/23 for all year groups are now available on:
Our school calendar for 22/23 is available on https://t.co/yMmk5DQ7lz https://t.co/GuZOUucN5y
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He's a 10 but changes instruments mid song - he's a 12! Check out Mr Lyons playing with his band 'The Bonny Men' at the @fleadhcheoil in Mullingar today. #Fleadh2022 #fleadhcheoil @FleadhTV @TheBonnymen https://t.co/WGo7DzeVBi
Ms Davey was absolutely delighted and proud to see her student Mya (4th year) perform with @GreenDay tonight! Mya was pulled from the crowd and they gifted her the guitar. Maybe they will play with her at PSN Live next year! #meas #Díograis #Greenday #livemusic #proudteacher https://t.co/LYmfKgvo2l
For the attention of our 6th years! Closing date for Change of the Mind #CAO is 1st July. Ensure to place your courses in order of your preference. https://t.co/kU4itgcEt5 PSNeasain photo

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